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Market Schedule - Come along and see us!


Mt Eden Village Craft Market - Saturday 8th April 10AM - 4PM

My Markets - Silverdale Adventure Park - ANZAC Day Tuesday 25th April 1PM - 4PM 


Mt Eden Village Craft Market - Mother's Day Market Saturday 13th May 10AM - 4PM

Crafternoon Tea - Kingsland - Saturday 20th May 10AM - 2PM


Crafternoon Tea - Mt Eden - Sunday 4th June 10AM - 2PM

Mt Eden Village Craft Market - Saturday 10th June 10AM - 4PM

Onehunga Winter Arts and Crafts Market - Saturday 24th June 10AM - 2PM 


Mt Eden Village Craft Market - Saturday 8th July 10AM - 4PM


Crafternoon Tea - Mt Eden - Saturday 5th August 10AM - 2PM

I absolutely love the atmosphere at a really good, bustling market. We are so lucky to have so many fine markets to choose from.

Being a crafts person, a maker, an artisan in today's diverse and creative world is truly amazing. It is such an honor to be able to share space with my fellow creatives. The quality and attention to detail I see in everyone's work is such an inspiration.

I am passionate about what I do and would love the chance to share my craft with you.